The following information is an evangelical BIBLICAL response

to the unbiblical position that Mr. Bill Wiese has taken in his book

23 minutes in hell.


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PLEASE - If you want accurate theology on this topic do NOT trust Mr. Wiese's book - instead visit one of these theological sites:


.......... (An excellent study on Conditional Immortality).

Also.... (Why Bill Wiese is WRONG about his view of Sheol) (written by evangelicals)



Also.. and click on the "truth about death" link.


Also - A CHALLENGE TO THOSE WHO DISAGREE.  We are so persuaded of our position, and so confident in the Scriptural evidence presented on this site, that we honestly do not believe that anyone who shares our faith in the perfection of the final authority of Scripture will be able to cling to endless torment after reading this entire site and the links.







Bill Wiese, a former Real Estate agent (not a theologian) and author of the 23 minutes in hell book sample problems


***PROBLEM 1***


it was based upon a BAD DREAM

It was 3AM and he was sleeping.

What does that tell you to begin with?


Are we to base theology on dreams?


***PROBLEM 2***


He claims that he left his body and went to hell. But then how does he explain the fact that when he woke up - he was in another part of the house?

If he left his body like he claims - then who moved his body?

It is obvious that HE moved his own body during his bad dream.



***PROBLEM 3***


Yes, he is sincere, (I do not believe he made up his dream)

but he is also sincerely wrong in his theology!


For example: The Hebrew word "Sheol" he interprets to mean "hell" and he is completely wrong!

The KJV does not even translate "Sheol" as hell in 18 of the first 20 times it is used!

How does he explain that?


Even Psalm 49:14 says that sheep are in the grave (Hebrew: Sheol).

And yet Mr. Wiese calls Sheol a temporary hell.

So are sheep in hell too since they are clearly in Sheol according to Psalm 49:14?

(See above link for more information on Sheol).


What does that tell you about Bill Wiese's theology to start with!



***PROBLEM 4***




Bill Wiese talks about the screams he heard,


"....let them (wicked people) be silent in the grave (Hebrew - Sheol)." Psalm 31:17


So based on this evidence alone, we have a clear contradiction between Bill Wiese and the Word of God!

I repeat - based on this evidence alone, we have a clear contradiction between Bill Wiese and the Word of God!

If he heard screams – then he was NOT in Hell based upon Psalm 31:17! 


Therefore Bill Wiese could NOT have been to Hell since the Bible

clearly states that the wicked are SILENT!


Most probably the enemy gave him this FALSE VISION while sleeping

in order to make him spread errors concerning God.  That is what the enemy loves to do!


***PROBLEM 5***


Jonah was not near "hell" as Bill Wiese states! The Hebrew text of Jonah says, "Sheol"

Sheol, in the book of Jonah, is a poetic way of saying a watery grave...


" is probably a poetic usage for "the depths""

Believer's Bible commentary - Page 1128 (ed. William MacDonald endorsed by Dr. John MacArthur, Warren Wiersbe)


Yet - Bill Wiese does this ALL Throughout his book!

He quotes many scriptures in the Old Testament that have NOTHING TO DO WITH HELL,

yet he quotes them in his book as proof.


Read some of those scriptures in context and you will see what a poor job he does!


He knows nothing of Hebrew and sadly leads many astray believing God is a MONSTER worse than Hitler!



The Bible teaches what is called CONDITIONAL IMMORTALITY!

And a growing number of EVANGELICALS HOLD TO THIS VIEW!


Yes, he does address this position in his book, but he does a poor job not even mentioning half the scriptures that are brought up on the web sites listed above!  Why? 

Because they would disprove his false doctrine of God as an eternal torturer!


Bill Wiese holds to the traditional view - that all people are 'alive' in hell forever....  (ie. they are immortal there). 

While I held that view for over 20+ years, I now see from the Word of God that he is not biblical

The soul 'dies' there.  It is destroyed there (Matthew 10:28).


A growing number of well-known Christian leaders, such as Dr. David R. Reagan, John R. Stott, Greg Boyd, Roger Forster (co-founder of the March for Jesus events), Philip Hughes, Michael Green, Stephen Travis, and Clark Pinnock have declared support for part, or all, of the biblical doctrine of conditional immortality. Even the British Bible translator, William Tyndale, also defended Conditional Immortality during his lifetime.  Even the very well respected scholar F.F. Bruce states, "Eternal conscious torment is incompatible with the revealed character of God" so he chose to write the forward to an excellent evangelical book on this topic called, "The Fire that Consumes" by Edward Fudge. (Excerpt from:

For more complete information visit above links!



Bill Wiese changes the meaning of these

plain and simple Biblical words! (Destroy, Perish, etc.)


The Bible says clearly God will eventually destroy the lost (Matthew 10:28, Philippians 3:19, James 4:12), at the end of the age (Revelation 20:14-15).  The second death means they no longer live after that.  Sadly, Bill Wiese in 23 minutes in hell does not teach what the bible says about this and completely avoids the scriptures on immortality being only for believers (2 Timothy 1:10, Romans 2:7, John 6:51, etc) in his book.


I challenge you to look up

the scriptures and see

if it does not at least give you something to think about.


It is for people who study the Word of God.

read more information on this topic at





The unsaved are not immortal.

Plato taught that all people are immortal,

The Bible says only believers will become immortal.

(1 Cor 15:53, Romans 2:7)

Therefore, the unsaved are destroyed after a period of time.

(Matt 10:28, Philippians 3:19, James 4:12)



There are a number of evangelical Christians who hold to this position, both now and in history.



Also, for an excellent and scholarly view of this, by evangelical Clark Pinnock, I highly recommend reading this article.  It is a real eye opener and much better reading than 23 minutes in hell.

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The links at the top of this page.



Study this and don't hold to tradition (or Bill Wiese) over the Word of God!




"Conditional Immortality"


It is what the Bible teaches. 


Immortality is conditional gotten only through faith in Jesus.



Many Christians (like Bill Wiese) have been unknowingly influenced by Plato and Greek philosophy which taught the soul was indestructible.


Many Christians believe all people (saved and unsaved) are immortal and will spend eternity in one place or another.


The biblical teaching is that the lost will suffer for their sins (in proportion to their sins) then be DESTROYED. 


Only the righteous will gain "immortality" and everlasting life.


God will destroy the wicked, not keep them alive forever.  They will perish, not live forever. 


In John 3:16, what does "perish" mean? 


The Greek word for "perish" in John 3:16 is the same greek word used for "destroy" in Matthew 10:28.  (Feel free to get out your Strong's concordance and look it up.)


Matthew 10:28, "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to "destroy" both soul and body in hell."



the Greek view of the soul (immortal) with the Biblical view of the soul (not immortal without Jesus Christ).



***"It is a truism that Plato's teaching has profoundly influenced Christian anthropology." 

F.F. Bruce (forward) "The Fire that Consumes" - Edward Fudge author.


***"Immortal, immortality and indestructible was used by Plato and many today to describe the soul, but in the Old or

New Testament, these words are never applied to any lost person…"

William West, The Resurrection and Immortality, chapter 1


***The Biblical concept of man, "is so different to the concepts derived from Greek philosophy, which have dominated Christian theological thought until recently, that it is not easy to make it clear in a few words."

International Bible Commentary, Zondervan Publishing, F.F. Bruce General Editor, p. 60.



What does the Bible say about the immortality of the unsaved soul and/or spirit? Nothing. Together soul and spirit are used almost 1,100 times in the KJV, but not one time is immortal even used in the same verse with either one.


Immortal and immortality are in the

Old Testament 0 times

New Testament 6 times


*****The Bible Uses*********

Immortal -------- 1 time

Immortality ----- 5 times (all by Paul)


What does Paul say?

1. Only God has immortality [1 Timothy 6:16].

2. "Now unto the King eternal, immortal" [1 Timothy 1:17].  God ALONE is immortal.

3. Christ "abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel" [2 Timothy1:10]. The gospel ONLY makes people immortal!

4. " To them (Christians) who by patient continuance in well doing SEEK for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:" [Romans 2:7]  People must SEEK immortality through the gospel!

5. "This mortal must put on immortality" [1 Corinthians 15:53] Paul says, believers ONLY at the resurrection.

6. "This mortal shall have put on immortality" [1 Corinthians 15:54] Paul says, believers ONLY after the resurrection.


Why are we to "seek for" (Romans 2:7) that which we are born with if all (saved and unsaved) humanity are immortal?


Why will we "put on immortality" if all people are immortal?


The fact that a person must "seek for...immortality" and immortality must be "put on" at the resurrection is

conclusive proof that an unsaved person does not now and will never have it.


Jesus words are true in Matthew 10:28 "rather fear him which is able to DESTROY both soul and body in hell."


Just read His words simply... without distorting the meaning of the word destroy.  When God meant "destroy" did He really mean preserve forever?


"I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever" John 6:51


Jesus tells us that not everyone will "live forever".  The soul living forever, immortal, is a Greek thought.  Only Jesus can make anyone live forever.  That is His gift to the saved.


Bill Wiese must reinterpret the Bible to say:

1.   Those who are destroyed are not destroyed. [James 4:12; 2 Peter 2:12; 2 Peter 3:7].

2.   Those who perish do not perish. [1 Corinthians 1:8: John 3:16].

3.   Those who die do not die. [Romans 6:23] [Death is not death].

4.   The end of the wicked is not their end. [Philippians 3:19; Hebrews 6:8].

5.   Those who are consumed are not consumed [Hebrews 10:27].

6.   All are born immortal per Bill Wiese; yet [2 Timothy 1:10] tells us the gospel ONLY gives immortality. So is the Apostle Paul wrong and Bill Wiese right?

7.   The second death is not a death; it is eternal life with torment [Revelation 21:8].  


All these are reinterpretations of what the Bible really teaches. The wicked will be destroyed, die, perish, etc.


Bill Wiese changes the meaning of these

plain and simple words!


 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish (Greek: be destroyed  {Gk: apoloomee}), but have everlasting life."   John 3:16


































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